March and the Vet’s in our play area

January learning about the weather in Senior Infants

Our theme this month has been the weather. We learned about all different types of weather, how to dress for the weather and how to use different instruments to measure the weather. We watched the weather forecast on RTE and set up our own weather forcasting station in the classroom. We were very lucky to have Niamh’s dad invite us to the Met Office to have a look around and learn some more about the weather and set up a real weather station in our classroom. We played at being meteorologists and recorded the data from the weather station every day.

We had some great weather to study in January and we were very excited to see the crazy wind readings during storm Rachel.  If anyone wants to know about the weather – come and ask us, we are the weather experts!


Space with Senior Infants


This month we set up a Space Station in our room. We read lots of books and stories about space and our solar system, made planets, space food and aliens with playdough, rockets and space computers in junk art, space stations and launchpads with blocks and worked as astronauts and astronomers in the space station. We learned the song ‘Space Oddity’ and saw a real astronaut singing it on the International Space Station.


In November we learned about homes and looked at the different types of homes people live in. We went on a walk in the locality and found detached, semi-detached and terraced houses, apartments, and bungalows. We saw homes for sale and for let. We set up an Estate Agents in our classroom and bought and sold homes.  We also looked at animals we found in Autumn. We wrote reports about them and examined where they live.