Meet Bob, Bubbles and Buster

20151001_075011 20151001_074655This week we have 3 new additions to our classroom here in 2nd Class! Meet Bob, Bubbles and Buster our new class pets! Bob and Bubbles were named by us and they are brother and sister! We adopted Buster on Wednesday and he is settling in well with the other fish! We take turns feeding them and making sure they’re happy in their new home!

House Challenge


Last week, in 2nd Class, our topic was; “Houses and Homes”. We learned all about houses and homes in the past, houses and homes all around the world and the various materials used to build them.


As part of our science lesson, we were given a challenge. Each group was given a certain material and asked to work together to build a house which was wind proof. We worked with paper, lego, cubes, play dough, lollipop sticks and match sticks to build our houses. In the end, our teacher tested them to see if they were wind proof! Here’s what we worked together to achieve….

20150923_141921 20150923_141909 20150923_141857

Live Caterpillars in 2nd Class

20151001_075223This term, in 2nd Class, we have been lucky enough to get live caterpillars again in our class (Thanks to Cara and her parents!). We had them in the final term of 1st Class, but when the summer holidays arrived, the butterflies still hadn’t emerged! So we are looking forward to seeing the full transformation this time around!! Here are some photographs of their time with us so far! Will we update you as the caterpillars begin to transform into butterflies!

Special Merit Award


Congratulations to Ruben in 2nd class for receiving a special merit award in the Texaco Art Competition! He used  water paints and markers to create this beautifully detailed  ‘Secret City’.

Maith Thú!



2nd-French beans (16) (600x800) 2nd-French beans (15) (600x800) 2nd-French beans (14) (600x800) 2nd-French beans (13) (800x600) 2nd-French beans (11) (600x800) 2nd-French beans (5) (800x600) 2nd-French beans (6) (600x800) 2nd-French beans (7) (800x600) 2nd-French beans (8) (600x800) 2nd-French beans (9) (800x600) 2nd-French beans (4) (600x800) Last Friday 2nd class harvested the French Beans that they planted in 1st class.

We enjoyed picking them off the plant. We noticed how they were lots of different shapes and sizes.

We tasted them raw. Isabelle cooked the rest and we had some with butter and some plain.

IMAG3034 (1) IMAG3037 (1)2nd-French beans (1) (600x800)